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Henry Barone


As a teenager, Henry developed a love for food and the food business while he worked at a deli in his hometown of Queens, NY. Henry graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Finance in 1986. After graduating, his love for food brought him to the Culinary Institute of America where he graduated with honors in 1992. He worked in various food venues and rose to the position of executive chef. He eventually opened PRIME Fine Catering with his longtime friend Marc Giudice with the goal of bringing restaurant quality food into homes and other venues.

Marc Giudice


Marc acquired his love for food through his grandmother, Nonna Filomena. He went on to graduate with honors from the New York Restaurant School and worked in some of the finest restaurants on Long Island. At the age of 28, he opened his first restaurant with fellow chef and friend, Henry Barone and they eventually opened PRIME Fine Catering together as their second successful business venture.

Gio Argueta


Edwin (Gio) Argueta is the executive chef at PRIME Fine Catering. He has over 15 years of culinary experience and brings a unique and delicious flare to the kitchen. He personally hand selects locally grown, organic and fresh ingredients for every dish that is prepared at PRIME Fine Catering to ensure the highest quality and supreme flavor.

About Our Chefs And Catering Experts

The staff at PRIME Fine Catering takes pride in offering the highest level of culinary expertise, stunning presentation and memorable experiences. Our combined experience working in all aspects of the food and fine restaurant industry allows us to offer you innovative ideas,   delicious cuisine and superb catering services. We can cater any event from a small and intimate dinner party to a large wedding celebration.We work closely with all of our clients to plan personalized menus.

We go over every specific detail to create a perfect event and an extraordinary experience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in everything that we do. To plan an unforgettable event, contact our professional team today. We can plan, create and execute a beautiful backyard buffet, a corporate cocktail party or a formal sit down dinner.We have several distinctive catering menus to choose from, or we can work with you to develop a unique menu for your special event.

With our years of experience in the food, restaurant and catering industries, our team delivers exceptional catering services, the finest and freshest food and personalized service. Whether you are looking to cater a special celebration or you would like to stop in for a healthy lunch or pick up a fabulous prepared dinner, PRIME has so much to offer. Give us a call at 516-505-3255 or stop into our café in Garden City today.

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